Hair transplantation

High professionalism of all our workers and 14 years of successful practice is the trustworthy guarantor of quality hair transplantation.

  • Hair transplantation is an ambulatory procedure and lasts 2-5 hours.
  • The procedure will be conducted using the special method local anesthesia allowing to avoid pain and facial edema.
  • Patients are physically active starting from the next day after procedure.
  • Slits for follicular implantation are formed using microperforants, which allow to  achieve maximal density of transplanted hairs.
  • For implantation the special atraumatic forceps are used providing maximal safety to the transplanted grafts.
  • Survival of transplanted grafts is 98%-100%.
  • Possible transplantation up to 5,000 grafts during one session.
  • Patients have control over the quantity of transplanted grafts.
  • Scarless technique is used for donor site.
  • Three transplant surgeons and 10 nurses are participating in each mega transplant procedure. 
  • Transplanted hair in our clinic never shed.

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